3 Things You Absolutely Must Know Before Starting Your Medical Assistant Career

So, you’re looking into a career as a medical assistant.

Three Major Realities of a Medical Assistant Career

You will have to deal with people in distress

If you’re people-oriented, working as a medical assistant can be extremely rewarding. An important part of your job is to create a rapport with the patients who come in. If you’re good at putting people at ease, breaking the ice, and making them feel valued, a career as a medical assistant will be perfect for you.

But there is a flip side. You regularly have to negotiate people’s negative emotions, and that can be draining. You are a main point of contact for patients who are sometimes very vulnerable, or stressed because of their situation. Maybe their insurance won’t cover their treatment, or they’ve just heard some highly upsetting news. And yes, you will have to deal with losses too.

We need medical assistants who are sensitive and empathetic, but it does sometimes come at a personal cost. Over time, you’ll learn to deal with these distressing situations, but it’s important to acknowledge that the reality is very difficult for people starting out in their medical assistant career.

Utmost professionalism is important

From day dot, you need to adopt a professional attitude when dealing with patients and other staff.

For example, when taking down their medical history, you will need to ask them some sensitive and potentially embarrassing and personal questions about issues such as their sexual history or recreational drug use. You’ll need to maintain composure and professionalism so as not to appear judgemental or mocking.

Seniors also respond well to professionalism and due respect. It’s particularly important to show respect to doctors and other medical staff in front of patients so as to instill the patients’ confidence in their ability.

It’s extremely versatile

If you’re looking for a comfortable desk job, a medical assistant career is not for you. This job is for proactive people who relish versatility. Staring your medical assistant career, you will be pushed out of your comfort zone, performing routine medical tasks, prepping exam rooms, and talking to people about their healthcare.

If you believe that your personality fits a medical assistant career, get in contact with us to start our 9 month program.

Blog Post written by:
Dr. Eida Lopez
Medical Assistant Instructor