5 Signs You Have What It Takes To Be A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

A great Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is absolute golddust in the healthcare industry. Few people have what it takes to really be great at the job. Do you fit the bill?

Respect and dignity are important values to you

As a CNA, you will be dealing with people at their most vulnerable, feeding, bathing, shaving,  them, brushing their hair and teeth when they can’t do it themselves.

CNAs make their patients days more comfortable, more dignified, and more bearable. Anyone who’s spent any length of time in hospital can attest to just how important and valuable a CNAs job is. They are often the people that patients remember the most.

If you see someone struggling or vulnerable, do you have an instinct to help them, care for them and protect their dignity? If so, a career as a CNA might be for you.

You volunteer in any situation

CNAs step in when other’s choose to look the other way. A CNA is the type of person to roll up their sleeves and get involved.

In your career as a CNA you will have to step out of your comfort zone, assisting with medical procedures, turning and moving patients.

You’re not squeamish

During your career you will see every type of bodily fluid there is, you will change hospital bed linen, you will help to treat and dress wounds.

If you feel faint and queasy easily, this isn’t the career for you. If you’re made of stronger stuff, step forward!

You get things done

The best CNAs are do-ers. They’re proactive. They see a job and they hop straight to it. Hospital efficiency directly depends on CNAs doing their job effectively.

You’re never short of things to do, and your working day flies by quickly in this career.

You love connecting with people

This is by far the most rewarding aspect of a career as a CNA. It’s also what makes the biggest difference between a good CNA and an incredible one.

The best CNAs are those who can naturally put people at ease and build a rapport. They are empathetic, and genuinely care for the patients in their care. They make their patients’ day a little bit brighter.

So how did you fare? If you related to all of the above, then now’s the time to research into getting certified.

Blog Post written by:
Dr. Eddie Martinez
Director of Education