Become a Traveling Medical Assistant: Now Hiring

It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone and especially medical professionals

The thinning number of medical assistants speaks volumes about how demanding this occupation has become under the current public health challenges. 

But with every challenge comes opportunity. In this case, it is more high-paying medical assistant jobs. Traveling medical assistants are in higher demand. Traveling MAs in Florida earn on average $8,000 more annually than those who choose a standard medical assistant career path.

Employers are experiencing a high number of turnovers among medical assistants after a period of high levels of stress. To relieve this high turnover, medical facilities have turned to travel medical assistants to fulfill the openings and shortages caused due to staff vacations or turnover. Allowing HR departments to take their time to hire the best and most qualified individuals.

A new opportunity for all medical assistants.

Traveling medical assistants (TMA) have the opportunity to move between healthcare providers offering their services where they are needed most. They keep traveling locally or in and out of state. Since they are not confined to a single workplace, they can work in different settings, including clinics, nursing facilities, medical centers, hospitals, etc.

This type of work is temporary. Basically, it's a lot like being the medical equivalent of a substitute teacher. To find out more, take a look at this Youtube channel from a practicing traveling MA.

These MA's perform the same duties as a standard MA in responsibilities. For example, organizing medical records and patient files, scheduling medical appointments for patients, assisting physicians and nurses with minor surgical procedures, preparing examination rooms and administering medications. 

The benefits of choosing the Traveling MA career path.

The significant benefit of this medical assistant career path is that it provides freedom to pick and choose when and where to work. This also allows newcomers to this career an opportunity to see firsthand what each setting in this field is like and decide where they would like to remain accordingly.

Additionally, this career path lets certified medical assistants practice around other aspects of their life like traveling or studying. Other pros are getting paid to travel, avoiding workplace politics and helping those in most need. Finally, a long-term benefit is it shows a dream employer the varied range of experience working in different facilities and with various healthcare providers a candidate has. 

TMAs typically find work through medical staffing agencies. These agencies supply staff to healthcare providers who desperately need qualified medical staff. 

How to Become a Traveling Medical Assistant?

  • Register for a 9-month medical assistant certification program
  • Pass the certification exam. 
  • Conduct a search for "medical assistant jobs near me." 
  • Work with your school's job placement liaison to contact medical staffing agencies. 

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Blog Post written by:
Dr. Eduardo Guadalupe
Medical Assistant Instructor