The 5 Best Paying LPN specialties

Since 2010 the average salary for a Licensed Practical Nurse has increased from $41,000 to $48,000. The trend is likely to continue as the industry attempts to fill the 60K+ yearly job openings forecasted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The job openings result mainly from many nurses planning to retire soon. The trend points to the longevity and job security an LPN career provides.

Earning your license in practical nursing puts you in a position to compete for a growing number of job openings. But not all job openings are made equal. 

According to a Journal of Nursing Regulation survey, as of 2020, the top 5 earning specialties are:

  1. Occupational Health - $50,000
  2. Rehabilitation - $50,000
  3. Palliative care / Hospice - $47,500
  4. Geriatric/Gerontology - $47,000
  5. Nephrology - $46,600

Occupational health LPN - $50,000

They are also known as employee health nurses and take care of employees at their workplace.

In this specialty, you will most likely work under the supervision of a registered nurse (RN) to implement physicians' strategies to maintain or improve clients' health. 

Occupational health LPNs work in hospitals, manufacturing and production departments, and medical centers. 

Rehabilitation LPN - $50,000

According to the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses (ASRN), a rehabilitation LPN works as part of a health care team to assist individuals with a disability or chronic illness to obtain and maintain full function. 

This LPN contributes to and implements evidence-based treatment strategies related to self-care, promoting physical, psychosocial and spiritual health.

Most LPNs with this specialty work under the supervision of an RN in inpatients and outpatient rehabilitation centers. 

Palliative care/ hospice LPN - $47,500

LPNs in this specialty assist patients and families through their end-of-life experiences. LPN's here give medications to patients throughout the day or are responsible for wound care as needed. The work settings in this specialty are at patients' homes or hospice centers.

Because of the nature of Hospice care, LPNs can not assess for death; This is the responsibility of a doctor. This specialty provides greater autonomy and improved clinical skills since most care is outside hospitals. You must provide all the necessary nursing on your own. 

Geriatric LPN - $47,000

Nurses care for older adults' physical and psychosocial needs in this specialty. Geriatric is the most common specialty among all LPNs. Geriatric LPNs assist elderly patients suffering from terminal illnesses like cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease and others. 

Gerontology LPNs also collaborate with RNs and other health care team members to develop treatment plans. Additionally, they administer medication, educate patients and families on coping and monitoring for signs of neglect or abuse. 

A good geriatric LPN must have the patience, empathy and compassion needed to understand the aging process. In addition, they must constantly pay attention to verbal and nonverbal cues to do this successfully. 

Work settings for geriatric LPNs are primarily in nursing homes and retirement communities. However, you could often work in hospitals and clinics in some cases. 

Nephrology LPN - $46,600

Also known as dialysis nurses, Nephrology LPNs oversee dialysis treatments for acute or chronic kidney failure patients. They ensure the machine setup is correct, check patients' vitals, teach patients how to operate home dialysis machines, and educate patients on the importance of diet and nutrition.

Nephrology LPNs often work at a hospital where kidney transplants occur. Others work in specialized clinics and care for dialysis patients regularly. 

Go from how? to enrolled!

Being an LPN allows you to choose the specialty you feel most interests you. 

To build a future of purpose and excellent compensation, LPNs must complete an approved educational program, such as the one offered here by MIPB

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Blog Post written by:
Dr. Eddie Martinez
Director of Education