Why We Love Vocational School (And You Should Too!)

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the COVID-19 crisis has caused millions of Americans to lose their jobs. Black, Latinx and Native Americans have been disproportionately unemployed as a result of the pandemic. 

A vocational school is a great option for those fresh out of high school or jobless due to the pandemic. Here’s is an important fact to keep in mind for the doubters out there: your intelligence doesn’t necessarily equate to whether you got your bachelor’s. 

Vocational schools provide some significant benefits:

  • Personal fulfillment 
  • High salary potential 
  • Job stability

So, if you are looking to rediscover your purpose and regain job security here are:

3 Good Reasons You Should attend Vocational School

Reason #1: Job Satisfaction  

According to studies general happiness is more closely connected to your work life than your income. The constant demand for trade skills keeps wages high, but the greatest value of learning a trade might be embarking on an enriching career.

The results-driven, hands-on work of vocational school taught jobs also contrasts sharply with many white-collar jobs that many consider increasingly meaningless, or lacking purpose.

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. — Anonymous

Reason #2: Higher employment rates

Vocational schools prepare the student for the job market and work directly with employers in the industry to ensure graduates have the skills required for a seamless transition into a job. This is thanks to the vocational’s school training approach with real-life examples and equipment.

These schools also are often equipped with strong job-placement programs. It can be much easier to land a job than if you attend the average state school with a lackluster job-placement program.

Frequently, programs include a final internship or work-based learning experience that helps students develop a network of co-workers and managers who may also become valuable references. In some instances, these internships evolve into your first job. 

With a vocation, you can respond to a real and constant need. The job market in Florida is in dire need of workers in the medical field. 

Among Florida’s 15 most in-demand jobs in 2021 are practical nurse, nursing assistant and home health aide

Reason #3: Get to work faster and with fewer financial burdens 

Many careers accessed through vocational training offer comfortable salaries, nearly on-par with the salary range of degree-required fields but at less cost.

Vocational schools cost a fraction of what public and private schools cost. The average cost of vocational school comes out to around $33,000 – for the entire education. The average cost of a single year of college.

Vocational schools shorten the timeline to a real paycheck compared to most 4-year traditional college degrees -- a long time to wait if making a decent wage is your primary goal. 

The time spent is dedicated to learning hard skills that are in demand. This translates to landing a job sooner and long-term job security.   

Now you know what a vocational school education has to offer you, your next step is to seek certification. Want more information? Here are some of the most sought after careers: 

Blog Post written by:
Erica Vandorin
Pharmacy Technician Instructor